Vogue Fashion Festival @ Hotel Potocki

I thoroughly enjoyed my Friday morning at Vogue Fashion Festival this year at Hotel Potocki.

The venue itself was breathtakingly beautiful. It reminded me of a grand and luxurious royal residence from the 17th century.  Actually, the palace was once the location of the fashionable salon of Countess Emanuela Potocka. Numerous fashion shows and important events had been held here.

I was particularly fascinated by the talk by Jonathan Anderson – creative director as well as designer of Loewe & J.W.Anderson who shared with us a powerful vision and truly inspirational words.

He addressed several important topics regarding the industry. Here are some of the highlights of his talk which I found incredibly brilliant and enlightening.

Jonathan Anderson

Luxury and Fashion 

        “Luxury is someone making something really really well.”

        “A creative director or a designer’s obsession leads the direction of a brand.”

        “Ultimately, fashion is about addiction.”

The Revolution of Fashion

       “We will pay more attention to the reality of what it costs to  make fashion (if there’re no human rights, it would cost a lot less.”); and what designers can do to contribute culturally and socially. “

Social/Political Consciousness & Relevance of Brands

      “Fashion is about what is happening. ”

      “Fashion can be a political weapon.”

      “Fashion is a social output.” 

      “The minute you become predictable, you are screwed.” 

      “Ultimately, you can only talk to your own generation.” 


      “Brand needs to de-brand because it has to emotionally reconnect with its audience. “

      “Brand needs to have a “voice” or opinion on social media instead of appearing socially or culturally irrelevant.”

      “Brand needs to get consumers excited to see how the brand evolves.”

The Market

      “There is considerable power within desire.” 

      “The market cannot become repetitive and predictable.”

Advice for Young Professionals & Students

       “If you wanna work in this industry, the most important thing is “Do not Compromise.””

       “Do not follow the tide, do what you believe in.”

Thanks for reading and liking the post, my loves! I will attend more professional events in the future and can’t wait to share with y’all ♥.