The Chic Foodie @ Le Marais – Part 1

As a full-time foodie, this post is definitely long overdue. Living in one of the chicest areas in Paris – Le Marais, I am surrounded by a wide selection of amazing restaurants, canteens and bars. Here are some of them that I had the opportunity to try and enjoy.

4 Pat

Look! There’s a naked dude under my pasta!

4 Pat is a gay friendly restaurant with neon lights and naked guys on the table covers. The host greets his male customers with warm kisses on the cheeks and sensual caresses on the shoulders. With that said, for someone with no testicles, the restaurant is not half bad. It is bursting with joie de vivre with delicious food at very affordable prices. And the menu will certainly give you a laugh with the infamous “Puit d’amour orgasmique au Nutella” and “La vierge du Marais” (lol…the irony).

Au Bourguignon du Marais

Decent ambiance. Great Boeuf Bourguignon!

I had my first formal meal in Paris at this little restaurant with my closest friend in Paris. The waiter was attentive and helpful despite my imperfect French. As a huge fan of boeuf bourguignon after having it for the first time at ma cherie’s house, I had developed an obsession and had to order it. The result was definitely not disappointing. It was lighter than most bourguignons I have had yet very tasty and full of flavor.

Yogurt Factory

Big Portions!

Having come from Los Angeles, frozen yogurt has always been on the menu for me. I really like this particular place because the server gave me a HUGE portion of yogurt during my first visit. It was soooo big that people started to stare when I walked in the street with it. Long story short, it has become my favorite yogurt shop in Paris ever since. Plus, those vivid colors do go really well with your outfit as well as your Instagram, don’t they? :-p

Trois Fois Plus De Piment

Spiciest noodles in Paris!

If someone tells me that there is a Chinese restaurant that serves huge portions of the spiciest Sichuan noodles on this side of the planet, they will definitely hear me say: “HELL YESSS!” There are actually different levels of spiciness you could choose from 0 to 5. 0 means “not spicy at all” and 5 means well…so spicy that you feel like your tongue’s about to fall out.


My adventurous soul once prompted me to order Bœuf À La Sauce Sésame at level 5. I had one teeny-tiny piece of beef and it was so spicy that I thought I just swallowed a nuclear bomb. Nonetheless, the noodles and raviolis are delicious so I have plans to dine there as often as I can.

Stay tuned for part 2 of my food chronicles in Paris, my loves! I will update soon. 😉