Frida Kahlo: A Style Inspiration

Frida Kahlo is a true legend that clearly needs no introduction. Despite a lifetime of obstacles and pain, she was an ingenious and inimitable painter as well as a resilient and passionate lover of life. She had devoted all of her kaleidoscopic ways to her idiosyncratic art, countless tempestuous affairs, and more importantly, love. But today we are going to focus on her iconic dress sense which continues to dazzle and inspire even to this day.


Maxi Dress & Skirt with a Twist


Frida contracted polio at the age of 6, which stunted the growth of her right leg, and experienced a dreadful trolley accident as a teenager, which left her bedridden for almost a year. Because of this series of unfortunate events, she opted for maxi dresses and skirts partially intended to disguise her imperfections. In addition, the vibrant colors of nature in her garden not only inspired her paintings, but also the eclectic patterns in her unique choices of clothing.

Valentino Resort Collection 2015

Anything Frill


Natives of the South of Mexico, Frida and the Tehuana dress had an inseparable link. She was almost always seen in a Tehuana dress with the beautiful white frill, implying her tremendous pride in her vivid Mexican heritage and deep-rooted attachment to her country.  It also contributed to the colorful composition of her abundant self-portraits which made her one of the most significant surrealist painters of all time. Moreover, we have to admit that a beautiful flowing dress with a frilly hemline has an incredibly feminine flair and flirtatious touch.

Valentino Resort Collection 2015

Rebozo / Giant Scarf 


A Rebozo is a traditional Mexican scarf. Frida wore it constantly, suggesting her immense vulnerability and self-consciousness. Nonetheless, they are usually called shawls in other parts of the world and you can see them in every Parisian corner. It is the perfect transitional piece and a must-have in your fall and winter collection. Wear a big bright-hued scarf with your minimalist outfit to add some extra color and warmth.

Statement Jewelry


I used to purchase a lot of earrings whenever I went to a boutique because they are my favorite type of jewelry. I bought feather earrings, indigenous culture inspired earrings, rhinestone earrings…pretty much any kind you could think of. But now I just wear my tiny Chanel clovers because I have grown too lazy to take them off before showers (I know, I know…It’s such a bad habit). Regardless, a distinctive piece of statement jewelry can easily brighten up your entire outfit. A plain black sweater may be a bit boring? Add a turquoise necklace. Having a bad hair day? Wear a pair of statement earrings to draw more attention to your beautiful features.

Floral Headpiece 


The signature look of Frida was an ensemble of a slightly updated Tehuana dress and a tightly braided bun with a floral headpiece. The flowers brought out her intense, brooding eyes and their vivacity was pertinent to Frida’s inherent pain and dark beauty. Although it seems unrealistic to wear a floral headband in daily life, it is a splendid addition to your festival outfits or wedding gowns.

Strong Brows


I have naturally very thin eyebrows which have been kinda of bothering me since I entered adolescence. For those who are blessed with thick brows, I have only one advice: “NEVER overly pluck them.” They are so beautiful and add great definition to your face. I am not gonna say, “Oh look at Cara Delevingne or any other “It girl” with thick brows.” But keep in mind, looking more “au naturel” is always better for any age.


Casual Chic in the City of Angels

My Fashion History teacher once said in class, “no matter how hard she tries, she always looks overdressed in the sunny LA.”  Her interesting statement was the source of inspiration for this post today. I considered myself half Angeleno since I’d lived there for over four years and I am very excited to share some tips with those that want to master the “LA casual chic”.

Don’t Overdress 

Angelenos were the ones that invented “sports casual chic.” It is the land of crop tops, yoga pants, and baseball caps. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing crop tops or yoga pants, the versatile ensemble of a basic white tee and boyfriend jeans paired with some funky accessories will be ultra chic and weather friendly.

Opt for Light Colors

It can get really hot during the day in LA. Ditch the monochromatic dark shades in your Parisian wardrobe and pick out the light colored outfits for the day. Your sartorial choices may bright up your mood as well. After all, Angelenos are notorious for smiling and looking unreasonably cheerful all the time.

Maxi Dress

I loved wearing maxi dresses when I lived there because it it ultra soft and feminine and looks fantastic with a bikini underneath! It is must-have in your wardrobe if you live in a Mediterranean climate. Also pair it with some cute sandals or pumps, you’re good to go for a sexy evening out.

Boho Chic

Being the entertainment capital of the world, LA hosts an abundance of music festivals and summer concerts. So the LA locals love adding a bit bohemian flair to their casual outfits. Take a stroll along Venice beach and you will be greeted with a slideshow of “Californian hippie chic”.

Wear layers 

Although it’s 20 degrees (68°F) out, don’t indulge the impulse to throw on a tank top and short shorts. Instead alway bring a jacket, a sweater, a kimono, or simply a scarf just in case the temperature decides to suddenly drop 10 degrees.

Evening Wear

For the evenings, the LA girl dresses to impress. Let it be a date, a night out with the girlfriends, or just for some casual drinks at a bar. But we don’t want to look like we’re trying too hard, so wear something understated yet sexy.