Best Fictional Films for Style Inspiration – Personal Favorites


As I have mentioned in Bio, I am, without a doubt, one of the biggest movie geeks I know. It doesn’t really come as a surprise since I studied cinema at USC (which has one of the best film schools in the world). I tend to view films from a more analytical perspective (I know, sounds pretentious…). But today I am just going to pile up a list of my favorite films that have amazing fashion pieces and left me in awe. Hopefully, they will inspire you in some way too 🙂 .

Funny Face (1957)

Watching Funny Face was like flipping through a 50s high-end fashion magazine. Playing a NYC bookstore frump turned Parisian fashion model, Audrey Hepburn spellbinded us with her sweet nature and glamorous exterior. Her personal couturier Givenchy designed a series of couture gowns and outfits for her to wear in a variety of Parisian scenes which gave us one of the very first looks at Haute Couture on the silver screen.

“Take the picture! Take the picture!”
Givenchy bridal gown – beginning of tea-length wedding dresses

The crazy dance scene featured the turtleneck, sleek black pixie pants, and foot-friendly loafers which successfully captured the emerging beatnik-style zeitgeist. Even in the simplest outfits, Hepburn never failed to dazzle us with her elegance and signature elfin beauty. I guess that she just possessed the “bozazz”.

It’s okay to kick my legs high cuz I’m wearing really chic pants.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

Casting Audrey Hepburn as a “socialite” (code for high-class prostitute) seemed like a bizarre idea but I’d have to say that she nailed it. She played an incredibly chic and playful character with a quirky sense of humor and alluring idiosyncrasy , yet extremely sorrowful vulnerability. And the movie debuted with the most iconic fashion image in history – Givenchy’s long black gown with the demi-lune cut-out at the back, accessorized by the over-the-top costume pearls.

The iconic look

Hepburn wore sunglasses most of the time in the film because they had prescribed lenses and Miss Golightly apparently did not like wearing glasses. But a pair of Ray-Bans that flatter your face shape would add chicness to anything else you wear, wouldn’t they? And the film showcased the trench, turtleneck, oversize button-downs, and ballet flats which are definitely all wardrobe essentials.

Hangovers are best hidden behind a huge pair of sunglasses
Miss Holly Golightly teaches us the more important things in life – Sleep and Alcohol

Almost Famous (2000)

While celebrating the age of rock and roll and ’70s counterculture with this awesome picture, Cameron Crowe provided us a feast for our eyes with a lookbook of the raddest pieces of the 70s. Penny Lane’s burly shearling coat is the iconic 70s look. People still dress like her for Halloween as well as in daily life. Some of our other favorite items – aviators, crop tops, frilly dresses, flared jeans, faded band t-shirts – were seen throughout the film. And all the characters presented undoubtedly the perfect examples of the most wearable vintage looks.

Interrelation of pop culture and fashion
Fairuza Balk in her rainbow vest inspired by Janis Joplin
Oh, the 70s…

Malena (2000)

When I watched the film for the first time at 14, I was shocked by Monica Bellucci’s beauty! To this day, I still am. At the age of 52, she looks absolutely stunning! In Malena, playing a war widow during WWII, Bellucci showed her effortlessly chic style with the rotating billowy floral print dresses and tailored 40s silhouettes. The outfits perfectly complemented her ethereal elegance and ultra-feminine temperament.


First look of Malena
Cigarettes – a girl’s best accessories

The Dreamers (2003)

This is oddly one of my favorite films by Bernardo Bertolucci despite the fact that some say it is just two hours of really attractive people talking about pretentious films while smoking, and having really weird sex. (Wait, that actually sounds pretty awesome.) Anyways, Eva Green impressed us by encapsulating the style of a broody Parisienne in the 60s with a wardrobe of crushed velvet dresses, romantic florals, and of course—berets.

Humans are either fascinated or repulsed by others’ nonconformity.
It’s a dangerous game you play there, darling.
Like I care…

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

I became obsessed with the movie after I watched it for the first time at the age of 13. I did not get the main point of the film at all which is: Go after your dream regardless what others say and do not afraid to take chances. I was so mesmerized by the Cinderella storyline and glamorous outfits that I took an oath that one day I will be just as skinny and chic as everyone in the movie. As I’m munching on a piece of baguette with raisin walnut cream cheese, I can’t help but think: “Am I there yet…?” LOL.

Three of my favorite looks in the film

Nevertheless, there were so many beautiful outfits in the movie and Andy’s style was a perfect example for someone with a slightly bigger frame. As a 5’7 Asian girl with a closet overflowed with classic black and white pieces, I can only say: “I bow to you, Patricia Field (costume designer for The Devil Wears Prada)”.

Miranda Priestly – what every girl in fashion aspires to be and every girl’s worst nightmare, but being admired and feared at the same time is what’s important, isn’t it?
Revelation of Andy Sachs after sleeping with her longtime idol

Stay tuned, lovelies! I’ll be back (in my Terminator voice).


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